Welcome to the American Blood Football 2018 World Cup!

Compete for more than $30,000 in prizes and become the next American Blood Football World Champion!


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Asus Republic Of Gamers

Compete against other coaches to win amazing gifts from the $30,000+ prize pool including ASUS/Republic of Gamers’ most powerful gaming equipement (desktop computers, keyboards, mice etc...) as well as games and more than $10,000 in cash.

More than $ 10 000

2 High-End Gaming PCs

Gaming equipment

Licensed Products

4 Titles


Starting from April 4th, 2018, enroll and participate in the Qualifying Phase to get a chance to win a ticket for the World Cup.

There are 2 ways to qualify: Public League and Community Leagues

Public League

You can qualify for the World Cup Play-Offs by enrolling in Seasons 14 and 15 of the Champion Ladder in the Cabalvision League.

Create your team, sign-up to the Champion Ladder from April 4th and reach the top of the Ladder for a chance to earn your ticket to the Play-Offs!

public league

Welcome to the American Blood Football 2018 World Cup!

Besides the Public League, a number of community-led private leagues will hold tournaments where you will be able to compete for tickets to the Play-Offs.

Get in touch with the admins for the league of your choice to learn about their rules and register.

community leagues

Invitational Cup

The 8 best players from previous competitive seasons of American Blood Football will be invited to participate in the Invitational Cup, a one-time tournament granting 2 tickets to the Play-Offs.

Check out the competition from July 4th to July 12th on our channels as these coaches battle it out for the last 2 spots in the World Cup!

Invitational cup



Starting on April 4th, coaches can register to the numerous Community Leagues, and to the Champion Ladder competition in the Cabalvision League for a chance to earn one of the 64 coveted admission tickets to the World Cup Play-Offs.

The number of tickets for the final tournament given to each league depends on the number of participating players in it.

The American Blood Football 2018 World Cup Qualification Phase is open to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Play-Offs will be played on PC and will require a computer.

For more information, make sure to read the Terms & Conditions.


The American Blood Football 2018 World Cup Play-Offs will start on July 16th, 2018 with the best 64 players from the Qualification Phase and will last 4 weeks. Each player will win exclusive gifts at each round of the Play-Offs.

The winner of this final tournament will be declared the 2018 American Blood Football World Champion!